Aesthetic Skin Treatment

Flawless Back Treatments

“Get a Sexy back for Navratri” – Asian Age. If stresses of everyday life seem to build up in your back and shoulder area, then these treatments are for you. Thorough yet relaxing these deep cleansing and de-stressing treatments are specifically designed for those momentous evenings out when you want a radiant back. Flawless Back […]

Anti Ageing Skin Treatments

Non Surgical Face Lifting “It is good for treatment of sagging muscle tone around the jaw line, laugh lines and crow’s feet” – Times Life! on our Non Surgical Face Lift. As one grows older, the muscles of the face and neck begin to sag and fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. A CE-approved […]

Acne Treatments

Sebo Control Treatment A special care treatment to normalize oily, impure and acne prone skin. The products used during this treatment are designed to regulate the sebum production and provide an anti-bacterial effect to ease inflammation. The end result is a matte and clarified skin tone. Trio Acne Treatment This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and rejuvenates […]

Tan Removal / Lightening Treatments

These treatments cater to those wishing to treat their pigmentation, acne marks, sun-tan and achieve a naturally beautiful overall lightening effect of the skin. Active principles used during these treatments help to provide the desired result. Maintenance treatments can be done every 4 to 8 weeks. Intraceuticals Opulence Treatment (Courtesy of Intraceuticals) An Opulence treatment […]

Rejuvenating Skin Treatments

None of us are getting any younger, the saying goes. But when it comes to your skin and looks, it is possible to overcome a tired-looking complexion, whether it’s caused by ageing, sun damage, stress or other issues. Skin essentials provides an array of treatments to rejuvenate the skin which vary from facials, to the intraceuticals […]

Oxygenating Skin Treatments

Oxygen is vital to life and wellbeing. Skin Essentials offers a variety of oxygen based treatments that are essential for youthful, healthy skin. Results with these treatments are immediate with no down time. Visible Radiance Skin Treatment “In just 90 minutes, the difference is visible” – Indian Express on our Visible Radiance Skin Glow. A […]